Patreon Launched (May The Lord Have Mercy On Me!)

As anyone who’s read the About page knows, or has been following The Mad Welshman since the beginning, a Patreon has always been in the game plan. I want to go back to dealing with games full time (Hell, maybe even making some later on), and… I can’t do it without reader help. Game Journalism, by and large, does not pay for itself. On some level, there has to be a customer. That customer, in essence, is you.

So, let’s lay it out. If you’re willing to support, you don’t actually have to support with much at all. Even £2 a month, from enough people (Specifically, 500) is enough to pay my base living costs and put enough in the budget for review copies I can’t get from the developers (And the taxes that result from me making it my job). There’s a reward for a little more, but essentially, that £2 a month is saying “I think these reviews, articles, and Youtube vids are worth the tub of ice cream, or packets of crisps, or bottle of coke I’m drinking while reading or watching them.”

…I am, of course, assuming you’re doing these things for the sake of giving a guideline as to how little this costs you. But for those who can pay a little more, there’s also signed digital art prints from yours truly. A WIP example of one of the first to be offered is currently on the Facebook for the site, and, for those who can’t or don’t want to support the site, but like the content enough to share it, the Facebook page is a good place to start, as I update it almost as soon as the articles go up (Generally. This one’s an exception.)

What if things go above that? What if, instead of £1000/month from 500 people, it’s £1500 from 750? Well, that means the site can improve even further. Podcasts. Going to events (Yes, I’ll even stomach the weenie-wagging that is E3 if we get that far) and covering them. Other writers, leading to more diverse viewpoints and more content for you, the faithful reader.

The Mad Welshman Patreon can be found here .

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