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Want to support TMW! Well, there’s lots of ways you can do that, in order to ensure honest reviews, video content, and more!


Obviously, games writing is writing from passion. But while the heart is willing, passion alone can’t keep TMW going forever. So if you can, please support this writer via

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It’s understandable in this day and age that fiscal support isn’t always possible. But there are several other ways of supporting TMW by spreading the word!

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The TMW Steam Curator Group (For spreading the word on Steam.)



Did you know TMW also does art? It’s true! Right click the image below for a larger version, and you can see, hey, TMW is open for art commissions! Or click this link to see his prints for sale! Or this Redbubble Store, where some of my arts I consider good enough for T-Shirts and laptop cases go!


Finally, the writer is always willing to send a voice reel for voiceover work in games, and can be contacted via the “GET IN TOUCH” on the left, or the Twitter. If you’re already using one or more of these methods to support TMW, then thank you very kindly, you’re wonderful folks!