Mad Welshman Status and STREAM SCHEDULE

Hey everybody, TMW here.

So, as people might have guessed from a recent appeal for help on YouTube, things have been… tense, to say the least. Luckily, that particular appeal went well, and I thanked everyone who helped, but it might be thought by some that, hey, I’m okay right now, problem over, right?

Sadly, this is not the case. I’ve spent the last ten days exploring other options, and, sadly other options aren’t panning out. Sooo… I’m now something like 90% reliant on the Patreon funds and donations. Not a great spot to be. However, it’s always good to look on the bright side, and that bright side is “Hey, now I have less time spent dealing with that particular procession of bumf, I can do more to give you lovely folks more bang for your buck!”

Obviously, the reviews continue… But you may notice at least one in recent days with a supplementary video. There’ll be more, some quick, some slow, all trying to show off at least some of the game I’m talking about at the time. Not only that, but there are now two regular streams devoted to TMW related things. Fridays are generally ReviewStream time, occurring at Midnight GMT (Well, technically 11:59 GMT, Fridays +-5 minutes, but you hopefully get the gist) and those will generally be of something I’m reviewing, but isn’t embargoed (Public Early Access, “Already released, but by gosh, isn’t it a big game?” , and the like.)

Tuesdays, meanwhile, are generally going to be OldGame Surprise evening, happening at 7PM GMT, and will be things that I am either thinking of devoting a Going Back to, or games that I just find generally interesting from the past. Previous examples of older games I’ve looked at include Black Dahlia (Take 2 Interactive), Disciples 2 (Strategy First), and, showing that it’s not necessarily going to be PC games all the way, Harlequin (Gremlin Interactive). It’s a laden flat sandwich of things you’re either going to have rose tinted glasses for, things that may make you scream “OH MY GOD I HATE THAT LEVEL!” , and things that (As was the case with Black Dahlia) mostly fell under folks’ radars.

Of course, what with rent, phone bills, and the like, it’s not exactly going to be easy to carry on making content. Which is where the whole “SUPPORT THE MAD WELSHMAN” thing comes in. So let’s forestall a few questions while we’re at it:

I’m Real Sorry, But I Don’t Have Any Scratch Spare, Any Other Way I Can Help?

There most certainly is, and I definitely wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself keeping a dude like me around! For example, a lot of advertising, even today with the ol’ interwubs, and Google AdSense, and all that jazz, is word of mouth. And there’s certainly no shortage of places you can direct folks that lead here! A Facebook page, the site itself, my twitter, the YT channel, hell, even my main Streaming channel (Link in the sidebar) has a link back to the site. Most of these links are in the About The Site that you see when you first hit up the site, and, of course, if you like a review, then, by all means, tweet about it, or mention it! Really, I don’t mind, as it helps let folks know I exist, and am doin’ my lil’ bit!

Due To [INSERT HERE], I’m Not Really Sure I Can Trust Patreon, Any Other Way To Help Out?

This, also, is do-able. Obviously, I have to keep records to make sure the taxman doesn’t slap a few hundred extra on my bill next April, but if you mail , we can arrange things through PayPal, if you want. I’m cool with that.

You Don’t Look Busy!

Ahahaha, reviewers and Let’s Players alike rarely do. But this week’s actually a pretty good example of an “average” work week. Couple of draft articles, including one on sensuality in videogames I’m still not satisfied with, a month after I came up with the idea, and continuing the On Games Journalism series with an article on the problem (For many game journos) with ‘Why don’t you investigate more stuff more directly?’ … I’ll give you a hint as to why. Click the Support button, and see the pretty number there. At the time of writing, it’s $95/month. Less 5% Patreon’s cut, converted to british money, that’s £40, aka “Two thirds of, er… The Phone Bill or a single week’s rent, sans food, electricity, all that other, y’know… stuff.”

There’s also four reviews (Including a sim game and Mordheim’s release candidate, which is a big ol’ game), a Going Back or two, the Wipeout vids, hunting for interesting things to review, some other things, the book… I’m a surprisingly busy bunny. That’s half of what’s deceptive about reviewing and Let’s Play content: You don’t see any of the behind the scenes stuff.

Anyhoo, that’s the current status, I’d better get back to things, but in the meantime, any further questions can be directed at either , or, if you’d rather make a general inquiry about random things, either to do with games or TMW itself, there’s also an

Hopin’ you’re all having a great time, and wish me luck!


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