Pleasure Airlines (NSFW Going Back)

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M/M Gay Content, but no content warnings

Well, this is certainly an… Interesting premise. Not one I haven’t seen before, but not, specifically, in the context of government black book projects. So, welcome to Pleasure Airlines, the Kavorka Visual Novel (Apparently their first?) where there are Fucks On A Plane. Quite a few of them, in fact, but only a couple on each route. The plot, overall, is the same, but there are four romantic routes, and… Well, let’s get into it.

TotallyNotSuspiciousMan: Wily’s latest robot master!

Of the Kavorka games I’ve looked at, this is… One of the better ones. To the point where I’d actually recommend it. Aesthetically, the music is quite nice, and the character designs are pretty good (Even if Bad Guy McBad is a little too obvious), and there’s some interesting characters, such as Hasumi, the food delivery man who enjoys chocolate, and argues passionately about deep, interesting movies being superior (This in the Superhero genre, which… Yeah, interesting perspective, I like it!) or Natsumi, the childhood friend who… She doesn’t have as much nuance, but she still has a relatable character, and I appreciate that.

Now, the writing isn’t all great. The terrorism is, when it’s explained, very silly, and the part of the ending that isn’t the “After the flight, I was in a relationship with-” part is… Also a bit silly. There are also some parts which have some awkward word choices and grammar. But I can forgive those, because it’s definitely one of the more pleasing experiences I’ve been having with this developer.

You might say you’re… Joined at the hip…

Which… Brings me to options. I’ve been mentioning this in pretty much every single review of Kavorka’s works so far, and the sound and music being merely “Off/On” options is still present, still annoying. But what confuses me is that this is their first game… And it actually remembers windowed mode, even starts with it. Unlike… Every other one I’ve reviewed so far. Much shaking of the head.

Anyway, in summary, I actually enjoyed my experience with Pleasure Airlines overall, and it’s one of the Kavorka games I would recommend without any real hesitation. It’s short, for sure. But it’s a pleasant game that doesn’t outstay its welcome, and can be replayed pretty quickly for all the routes. And, of course, you can save at the bits of the routes you particularly like.

Big However: While I personally did not encounter the same bugs I’ve seen in other Kavorka games such as Space Love Delta, others have reported them. So this is no longer a recommended product.

The Mad Welshman makes no apology for any bad jokes. And he never will.

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